Get indexed, traffic and an instan tinfo-product all at the same time

Here's a tip I thought I'd share with you.

This will get your site indexed, a stready stream
of traffic to that site, gives you an "instant" infoproduct,
and it's an easy way to build your list...

All this in one simple method that marketers use every day.

Here's the to-do list, assuming that you already have a
webiste that needs to be indexed and needs traffic to it:

1- To get the site indexed and to give it Page Rank,
write 10 articles and submit them to article directories.

The article directories have high Page Rank and once they host
your article you get a one-way link back to your site, for F.R.E.E

This gets your site indexed because there can be a link to
your site from within the body of the article itself, or just
from the author resource section at the bottom of each article

2- You will get a steady stream of traffic if the article is good
and a lot of people are clicking on the link at the bottom of the
author resource section of your article.

Sometimes, other ezine publishers will go to article
directories to find good content for their ezines and
publish your article as-is, leaving your link intact.

This is a potential source for viral traffic

3- I recommend that you write 10 articles because what I want you
to do is write a 10-part report about something related to your web
site, but break it down into 10 parts, or 10 different articles.

The reason I suggest this is so you don't get overwhelmed at the
propspect of write a 10-part report. All you have to do is think
of a title for a 10-part report and simply write the first article.

If I had a site about weight loss, I'd write a 10-part report
called the Top 10 Weight Loss Tips, and make an article for each
weight loss tip, and submit it to the article directories.

So, think of the title for your 10-part report, write article 1,
and submit it.... and while that one article is busy getting your
site indexed and bringing a small amount of traffic to your site,
you can be writing the 2d article...and the 3d, and the 4th etc....

4- By the time you're done writing 10 articles and submitting
them to the article directories (this could feasibly be done in
just one day), your site WILL be indexed and you WILL be getting
some traffic from the search engines.

Now, seeing as how your site is already getting traffic, you
might as well start gathering some names and email addresses
to build your subscriber list.

The wonderful side benefit to doing all of this is that those
10 articles can easily be made into a report that you give away
at your site to get subscribers!!

Pull those 10 articles together in a format that reads well for
a short report and give away that report on your site in exchange
for visitors giving up their names and email addresses.


You write 10 articles, submit them to article directories, make
a short report out of the 10 articles and give that report away
to build your list.

This doesn't cost a dime....except for a quality autoresponder

Open Office has a built-in pdf converter so converting your
10 articles into a downloadable PDF report is easy to do.

If you've read this far, congratulations, you don't have ADHD...

However, don't be phased by all of this "work".

Be Amazed by how much you can accomplish all at once.

We all need some sort of fr.e.e. product to build our lists...
We all need our sites indexed, and
We all could use some free traffic to our sites


Any time you're starting out with a new program or niche
site use this method to get that site off to a good start.



Happy Holidays

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Instant Cash PayDay, Instant Cash Generators

Well, Instant Cash PayDays is just about ready

This is a site that show speople How To Make quick Cash Online.

I've spent a lot of time trying ot teach people how to BUILD a business but I think it's also very important to keep peopl emotivated.

Many people are discouraged because they can't commit to doing Internet Marketing for the long haul. Instant Cash Paydays is going to show the doubters that it is EASY to make money online and that there are hundreds of ways to do this.

I believe that there are also people who don't want to build buisness and only want a few extra dollars, not 6 figure Guru incomes, so Instant Cash Paydays is a way to make quick cash online, but no tin huge amounts.

However, this serves a dualpurpose, because it could provide the motivation and groundwork necessary for making people believe, and maybe this is the "kick in the pants" they need to mak eit "real"

Home-based business reviews

Just a quick note to let you know that my site on home-based business reviews is 90% completed. I had to rebuild Firsthand reviews from scratch and it was a lot of work.

I had to recreate a site that had over 1600 home-based business reviews and get most of the content back up there. Between getting the Top Ten Mistakes report at and reading all the home-based business reviews at the site, you could save yourself a lot of pain and heartache by reading about other people's experiences with those particular home-based businesses

There are also penty of reviews on marketing tools, scams and gurus, too.

Plus, there are plenty of articles on making money online there so I suggest you take a look at that site when you get a chance.

Super Affiliates StillUsing the Same Old Methods

I looked at Jason James blog about his latest product launch
JV and saw that I was number 27 on the list.

However, I got bumped off pretty quick because
I wasn't using Super Affiliate tactics...

Simply put, the best promoters were
offering bonuses to their list just for
joining Jason's Untold Marketing Secrets site.

That's the way super-affiliates have been operating
for years, by making their offer better than everybody
else (or at least making it seem that way)

It's nicwe to see some things haven't changed and
what worked 10-15 years ago is still working today.

Jason James, Untold Marketing Secrets

When I decided to review Jason James' new product "Untold Marketing Secrets", I was immediately confused. You see Jason gave away a "Preview Report" which I believe is a very good report that could have easily been sold on its own.

Find out what it's all about here

The Preview Report covered 19 Untold Marketing Secrets of which some are gonna make some folks upset. It isn't often that someone making their living online tells you what you "need" to hear rather than just what you "want" to hear to sell products.

But since you have access to that report for free, all I am going to say is download it, READ IT & take some ACTION! After all Jason has graciously given you that info for free.

As for the "Members Only Report" my first surprise was it wasn't as many pages as I expected. But we all know that value isn't the same as page count.
This report was done the same as the Preview report...the same only different. This info was more cutting edge.

Jason's writing style is clear. He tells you some of the simplest ideas that make you realize that sometimes all you have to do is look at things just a *little* differently than you have before.

As I went down through the list of Untold Marketing Secrets I found valuable resources in the form of links, websites & software.

Then it happened. WHAM! AHA!
OK that was a new one.

Secret #7. I would have never thought of that one. Just a bit sneaky too!
Then WHAM!

Secret #9 ...So Jason told us a great way that HE uses to make money. Once again while I was familiar with the topic I just didn't realize the potential. Jason just spelled it out. Hey I can do that.

And so it went.

By the time I got to Secret #24 I was loaded with ideas. I'm sure you will be too, any ONE of which can make you more money than the cost of the report in the first place.
That is, as long as you take A-C-T-I-O-N.

Granted if you are Mike Filsaime you may not need this report. If you are John Reese, Jeff Walker, Frank Kern or any one of a dozen other "gurus" out there you probably won't need it. But, since those guys know the value of getting ongoing education they may buy it just to glean even ONE idea from it. Just one idea can make you thousands.

The Untold Marketing Secrets report WAS lacking in something, however. It was lacking in fluff! It was all hard core information.

As for the bonuses...well they were stacked up pretty high too. In fact, there are PDFs all by strong marketers in their own right. There are audios & videos as well.

Most of the bonus items were quite informative, especially to the newbie & struggling marketer.
All in all I still liked the material that Jason himself provided better than the bonuses, but the bonuses and celebrity interviews were great. The interview with Mike Filsaime sent chills down my back when Mike told the details of how he got started.

And if you haven't heard Lisa Diane's story before, well let's just say inspiration is an understatement.

I found Jason's "in your face" honesty refreshing in todays hyped up internet marketing world. I need more actionable items. Jason provided that.

Give "Untold Marketing Secrets" a try. Some of these ideas you've probably heard. Others I would be amazed if you have.

You will find good solid info inside and a great value to you. And if you don't make money with the info...well then my just didn't take action.

Not that you care..(experienced marketers only)

I've had some discussions (and arguments) with
other marketers about how they do their tracking.

A lot of people swear by their link and click-trackers...

But what REAL value comes from that?

The purpose of tracking is to know how and where
you are getting subscribers and sales!

HITS= How Idiots Track Sales...

I don't care how many clicks I get.
It doesn't matter...

Would you rather know how many HITS you got or
where you get most of your sales and subscribers?

Here is what most people do...

They use Track That Ad, Click Audit, or some other
kind of link tracking tool that tells them about their clicks.

But all those clicks are sending people to
the same list via the same squeeze page.

Let's say you run an ad somewhere, and your link
tracker says you got 100 clicks.

Does it tell you how
many subscribers you got?

Does it tell you how
responsive those subscribers are?

Does it tell you how responsive traffic
exchange ads are versus Ezine solo ads?

Or how many optins you got from one or the other?
Or how much they spend?

NO, it doesn't...Wanna know why?

Because they all go to the
same list in your autoresponder...

Let's say I advertised in Topsurfer, Mad Vlad, traffic
exchanges,classified ads sites, and PayPerclick advertising.

That's a lot of clicks to keep track of and everyone
is being sent to the same list from all those various
advertising venues.

Now, you have 5-7 sources of traffic and they're all
adding to justONE list....but do you know where
your subscribers are coming from?

You could find this out by doing more analysis,
but it's not really going to tell you much at a glance...

This is wasted time...counting clicks

Here's what I do,and I recommend you try this.

1-Create separate lists, name them according
to each advertisingsource Make COPIES of one
squeeze page and change the code on each one
so that it adds people into a different list.

I bet your eyes are rolling over in the back of your head now...

Let me explain...

I run a Google Adwords campaign to get subscribers.
I have a dedicated squeeze page and list for the PPC campaign

Those subscribers get added to their own unique list in my
autoresponder. To see how responsive those subscribers are,
I can email that list to see how responsive they are.

I have 36 lists in my Aweber autoresponder, and at a
glance I can tell which advertising is getting subscribers

At first, this is a lot of work, but the information I
get back at a glance is well worth the effort.

Here is the step-by-step on how to do this...

1- Create a generic squeeze page
to use for all advertising

2- Create a separate list for the
new advertising you want to track

3- Once the list is created, create the HTML code for the
squeezepage that is going to be adding people to that particular list.

4- Make a copy of that generic squeeze page, but replace the
HTMLcode in the generic squeeze page with the code from the new list.

At this point, you've created a copy of a squeeze page that
you usefor all campaigns, created a new list, and now you
need to copy the email series of messages over from the
main list to other lists.

For example, if the main list has a series of email messages in it
that you would like to keep and use for all lists, then copy those
messages over to the new list with just the click of a button.

5- After copying the messages over, you're ready
to promote the new squeeze page you created.

6-Upload the new squeeze page to your website.
Promote that squeeze page and watch your subscribers grow.

Mail to them seperately to see how responsive they are.

In this business you don't want to create more work for yourself.

You want to "set it and forget it"

At a GLANCE, I can see how well all of the lists are doing
with regards to how many subscribers I got from each source.

One last thing...

If you insist on counting clicks, you can use your
Webhostingtracking tool for that because they have
AWSTATS (Advanced WebStatisitics) which tracks all
the urls on your site anyways.

So you don't need a link tracker of any kind, ever

I hope you got something out of this...